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Feedback from our patients

  • Considerate, knowledgeable and approachable Dr. I found Dr Kalentzi very knowledgable and approachable. She was very thorough in finding out about my symptoms and recommended relevant treatment. Her bedside manner and consideration for my comfort were very good. I will definitely see her for a follow up appointment and would recommend her.

    Annie. Review on Trust Pilot
    12 July 2018
  • An absolutely unparraleled and patient centric experience.  Having had some health issues for a while and having seen several private and NHS practitioners where a holistic approach was never considered, Dr. Theodora has taken the time to firstly understand me and my lifestyle, then she has thoroughly gone through my entire medical history, comparing my results over the years, questioned my symptoms in detail, recommended some more tests which she then interpreted and explained to me patiently, to then formulate a detailed treatment plan with all the possible treatment options, giving me the choice to opt for the one that I thought it was most suitable for me and that I would feel comfortable with - considering that some of the medicines could have some unpleasant side effects. As a result, I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Teodora to anyone who is looking for a truly 5 star service or who has not yet found the right treatment approach to their health issues.

    Cristina Sabau. Review on trustpilot.com
    5 June 2018
  • Came away fully informed about HRT and what is right for me. I have been frustrated with seeing doctors through the health system and the various opinions and advice. Prime Medical gave me as much time as I needed to question and fully understand HRT. I saw Dr Theodora Kalentzi and she listened, questioned and was very open about the different treatments, pros and cons for HRT treatment. I feel confident in the approach that I have chosen based on what I have learnt and look forward to my follow up visit and progress in a few months.

    DH Review on trustpilot.com
    30 May 2018
  • I been to see Dr.Kalenzi , the only things I can say it that she is very profesional , she explain to me everything I ask for and guide me very well , I understand everything that se told me taking in consideration that I'm not English she been patient with me.She understand right the way what I need. Thank you Dr Kalenzi.

    NM Review on trustpilot.com
    30 May 2018
  • I feel very fortunate to have found an exceptional private GP Dr Theodora Kalentzi at the Medical Prime Clinic in the heart of the City of London. I have often struggled in the past to have to take 2-3 hours off work in order to see my NHS GP for just a 10-minute appointment. So, having a good private GP within a walking distance from my office in the City, is hugely beneficial. From the first visit, I have felt that Dr Theodora Kalentzi is both a top professional and a very considered and friendly person. She carefully listened to my medical history, asked questions and managed to address my major concerns within two appointments. After a full examination, Dr Kalentzi clearly explained the blood test results and she took in consideration my overall medical history as well as any potential genetic predispositions I may have. I really appreciate such holistic approach and I have even discovered that my Healthy Heart Age is five years younger than my actual age! I am very happy to recommend Dr Kalentzi to anyone who is looking for a good GP and a high quality service in the City of London.

    R Gray ( Google review on medical prime)
    16 May 2018
  • I had an appointment with Dr Kalentzi to discuss the symptoms I was having following the menapause. She was very thorough in investigating my overall health and symptoms, and very patient answering all my questions. I asked to have some blood tests to check various levels of hormones, iron, B12 and thyroid, Dr K helped group the blood tests together to make it the most cost effective. I received the results two days later and they confirmed the low levels of progesterone and oestrogen that Dr K suspected and I have started the HRT she prescribed. I also had a smear test and it was great to have it all sorted in one appointment. I would highly recommend Dr Kalentzi and won't hesitate to see her again.

    Georgina Taunt ( Google review on medical prime)
    17 May 2018
  • My appointment with Dr Theodora Kalentzi regarding menopause was brilliant. She took the time to listen to all my symptoms, we went over my medical history thoroughly to make sure HRT was the right treatment for me, she explained different treatments and let me decide what I would be most comfortable with, and I went out of the clinic knowledgeable and confident that I made the right decision, not only in the treatment which was prescribed, but the doctor I chose. Thank you Dr Kalentzi for an excellent consultation.

    DS Review on trustpilot.com
    12 July
  • Dr Theodora Kalentzi is so lovely and empathetic and put me at ease immediately. She is fantastically knowledgeable and talked through all the options with me. She is willing to discuss and prescribe all the latest innovations and discuss all the pros and cons. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I feel so grateful to have found her.

    SP Review on trustpilot.com
    14 June 2018
  • My experience with Dr Kalentzi was truly impressive .This is a very experienced , highly knowledgeable , motivated and very empathic general practitioner who is truly focused on resolving her patients' problems and getting 'results'!

    George Druttman ( Google review on medical prime)
    3 May 2018
  • This very experienced Dr Theodora is a General Practitioner in the true and ideal way as she can look after all age groups and any problem. I can confirm about her excellent listening skills, her gentle, respectful manner, the thoroughness of a skilled and knowledgeable physician, and an engaging personality. Her generously-timed consultation enabled thoroughness and opportunity to ask and discuss. She assisted immediately with better decision-making for my problem and took the time afterwards to point me towards informational resources to further reduce my suffering. Is it clear that she can give responsible, up-to-date, wise and ethical guidance. I am free to return to her for ongoing care or go to my own GP surgery, and she is happy to write to them if I so wish. I am really happy with my experience with Dr Theodora and now feel confident that I am on the right track. At any time I can choose to go back to her: whether for this or for any other issue.

    22 July 2018
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  • I needed a blood test urgently, I found Medical Prime Clinic on Google Maps on a Friday and I was seen on Saturday morning, the next day. I highly recommend their excellent service, fast and efficient. I am very satisfied with the service provided.

    Quinta Ana Pérez Sierra
    15 September 2018
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  • I am extremely impress with the medical support from Dr Theodora Kalentzi. She is excellent at evaluating the patient and takes time to consider medical history and formulates the best solution in the best interest of the patient. She takes time to listen and to explain in each consultation. Totally different to the 15 min / 1 issue NHS approach. I really appreciate such holistic approach and care to attention. I would totally recommend her!

    13 Sept 2018
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  • Dr Kalentzi was able to answer my questions with regard to going onto HRT, giving me the information I needed to decide myself what I wanted to do. I have now been on HRT for 3 months and can honestly say the quality of my life has returned, the hot flushes and night sweats have gone, I have my energy back, blood pressure is back to normal and I am having good nights sleep. I will be continuing with HRT, great to feel like myself again. Thank you Dr Kalentzi.

    Carol White ( review on trustpilot )
    28 Nov 2018
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