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The menopause

The menopause affects all women, usually in their late 40s to early 50s (sometimes earlier), and it means that a woman’s periods have stopped permanently. 

The menopause is not a disease but it can cause a number of symptoms ranging from hot flushes, night sweats and mood changes, to fatigue, sleep problems and low libido.

Why it matters

Every woman may experience her menopause in a different way and for a different length of time ranging from months to years. 

However many may suffer in silence because they feel dismissed or not understood; after all, the menopause is not life threatening and it’s just part of being a woman or so they are told. 

Many women are left to suffer, especially at a time when so many other things might also be changing in their lives.

What we offer

Whether you are approaching or you are in the menopause, we offer advice on the various tests and treatments that might be appropriate for you including:

  • Hormonal profile
  • Lipid profile
  • Smear test (also known as Pap-test)
  • Breast check up
  • DEXA bone scan
  • HRT
  • Alternative treatments

We are able to carry out blood tests and smear tests on site and refer you on for other tests.

Consultation what to expect

At Medical Prime we treat menopause with sensitivity. We believe that every woman deserves to be fully supported and treated with care, whether you are in the build-up to, during or after the menopause. 

We will listen to your symptoms and advise you on matters such as tests that might be needed, treatments available, risks and benefits, long-term effects. We will work with you as an individual and find a plan that suits you the best.

Our first consultation is 40 minutes and we would ask for a symptom questionnaire to be completed if possible prior to the consultation so that we can get the most out of our time with you. Follow up appointments are 20 minutes.


Initial consultation 40 minutes £155 (until the end of August)

Follow up consultation 20 minutes £85 (until the end of August)

Blood tests and other investigations are charged extra. The doctor will discuss what is recommended and any associated costs at your appointment.

Feedback from our patients

Considerate, knowledgeable and approachable Dr. I found Dr Kalentzi very knowledgable and approachable. She was very thorough in finding out about my symptoms and recommended relevant treatment. Her bedside manner and consideration for my comfort were very good. I will definitely see her for a follow up appointment and would recommend her.

Annie. Review on Trust Pilot
12 July 2018

Came away fully informed about HRT and what is right for me. I have been frustrated with seeing doctors through the health system and the various opinions and advice. Prime Medical gave me as much time as I needed to question and fully understand HRT. I saw Dr Theodora Kalentzi and she listened, questioned and was very open about the different treatments, pros and cons for HRT treatment. I feel confident in the approach that I have chosen based on what I have learnt and look forward to my follow up visit and progress in a few months.

DH Review on
30 May 2018

I been to see Dr.Kalenzi , the only things I can say it that she is very profesional , she explain to me everything I ask for and guide me very well , I understand everything that se told me taking in consideration that I'm not English she been patient with me.She understand right the way what I need. Thank you Dr Kalenzi.

NM Review on
30 May 2018

I had an appointment with Dr Kalentzi to discuss the symptoms I was having following the menapause. She was very thorough in investigating my overall health and symptoms, and very patient answering all my questions. I asked to have some blood tests to check various levels of hormones, iron, B12 and thyroid, Dr K helped group the blood tests together to make it the most cost effective. I received the results two days later and they confirmed the low levels of progesterone and oestrogen that Dr K suspected and I have started the HRT she prescribed. I also had a smear test and it was great to have it all sorted in one appointment. I would highly recommend Dr Kalentzi and won't hesitate to see her again.

Georgina Taunt ( Google review on medical prime)
17 May 2018

My appointment with Dr Theodora Kalentzi regarding menopause was brilliant. She took the time to listen to all my symptoms, we went over my medical history thoroughly to make sure HRT was the right treatment for me, she explained different treatments and let me decide what I would be most comfortable with, and I went out of the clinic knowledgeable and confident that I made the right decision, not only in the treatment which was prescribed, but the doctor I chose. Thank you Dr Kalentzi for an excellent consultation.

DS Review on
12 July

Dr Theodora Kalentzi is so lovely and empathetic and put me at ease immediately. She is fantastically knowledgeable and talked through all the options with me. She is willing to discuss and prescribe all the latest innovations and discuss all the pros and cons. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I feel so grateful to have found her.

SP Review on
14 June 2018

My experience with Dr Kalentzi was truly impressive .This is a very experienced , highly knowledgeable , motivated and very empathic general practitioner who is truly focused on resolving her patients' problems and getting 'results'!

George Druttman ( Google review on medical prime)
3 May 2018

Dr Kalentzi was able to answer my questions with regard to going onto HRT, giving me the information I needed to decide myself what I wanted to do. I have now been on HRT for 3 months and can honestly say the quality of my life has returned, the hot flushes and night sweats have gone, I have my energy back, blood pressure is back to normal and I am having good nights sleep. I will be continuing with HRT, great to feel like myself again. Thank you Dr Kalentzi.

Carol White ( review on trustpilot )
28 Nov 2018

I found this clinic online after visiting other private practitioners. I was at my wit’s end with early menopause and had no joy with my GP. I came across Dr Kalentzi and can’t recommend her enough! Firstly, she really listened to my symptoms and was extremely empathetic. Secondly the treatment plan was tailored to my medical history, taking an holistic approach. I left feeling positive and the medication has worked after three months. Dr K was keen to help via email/phone call and I had my 3 month check up today. I’m feeling so much better and am back to nearly my old self! Can’t recommend this clinic enough. It’s also very reasonably priced compared to some other clinics in the field and no hidden charges. Well worth the money and I will continue to attend on a quarterly basis. Thank you

Jo Mc ( Review on Trustpilot )

My experience going to Medical Prime was extremely good. I was happy with everything, how Ieasily the appointmetn was set up, how I was treated by Dr Kalentzi and her recommended treatment and follow ups. She was extremely helpful and knowledgable; I felt at ease and felt I was being listened to. I would highly recommend Medical Prime.

6 Feb 2019

I had been suffering for almost a year with menopausal symptoms and, coupled with suffering a v.close bereavement, I was feeling extremely low. After a disappointing experience with my own GP surgery, I decided to do my own research and look for a doctor who specialises in menopausal issues. My first appointment with Dr Kalentzi was a turning point for me. Dr Kalentzi has a very empathetic manner, is extremely knowledgeable and explained all the different options open to me. We went through each of my symptoms and she helped me to understand which of my symptoms were most likely hormonal and which were grief based. I came away from that hour long appointment feeling reassured and hopeful. Three months on, and my symptoms have improved and I have just had my follow-up appointment with Dr Kalentzi, which was of the same excellent standard as my first appointment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Medical Prime and Dr Kalentzi to my friends.

Yvonne Livesey
7 March 2019

Absolutely fantastic doctor! I had struggled terribly after going through surgical menopause. Was suffering with insomnia and severe anxiety amongst other things. Had been back & forth to my NHS doctor but felt I was getting know where. Dr Kalentzi is very thorough and caring and discussed all my symptoms at length. Never felt rushed and everything is always explained thoroughly. I have travelled a long way to this clinic on several ocassion now & has been well worth it. Cannot recommend enough.

Andrea Smeaton
10 April 2019

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