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GP Services

Medical Prime is a Private GP Service that is available to people who live, work in or visit London. If you are a visitor, especially from abroad, you are not usually entitled to routine NHS care. If you work or live in London you may already have an NHS GP but may feel it takes too long to book an appointment or the one given may require time off work.

We believe in the value of the NHS and the great service it offers. However, we are all aware of the current pressures the service is under and the difficulties this poses for many patients. At Medical Prime we would like to see our role as complementary to that of the NHS. We would prefer to work together with our NHS colleagues sharing information and results if you give us permission. However, we understand and respect your wishes if you prefer details of your contact with our clinic to remain private and not be shared with your registered GP practice.

Why us

At Medical Prime we are able to offer same day appointments with an easy to book system either online, which is available 24 hours, or over the phone during working hours (9am to 6pm). There is also a choice of some evening and Saturday appointments for even more flexibility to fit in with your busy schedule.

In addition, we offer longer appointments of 20 minutes so that we have enough time to discuss issues thoroughly. Making you feel at ease is important to us so we ensure that consultations take place in comfortable surroundings where discretion and privacy are paramount.

What we offer

We offer a variety of services and advice on a wide range of issues for all ages, these include but are not restricted to:

  • Infections such as throat, chest, skin and urine
  • Chest conditions such as asthma and COPD
  • Skin problems, including eczema and acne
  • Heart concerns such as palpitations, family history of heart disease
  • Digestive problems such as gastric reflux and constipation
  • Musculoskeletal symptoms such as pains in the joints and/or muscles, sports injuries
  • Women’s health including breast concerns, contraception, fertility and menopause
  • Men’s health including prostate concerns and erectile dysfunction
  • Sexual health
  • Mental health issues including depression, anxiety and stress
  • Health check and lifestyle advice
  • Prescriptions
  • Second opinion
  • Sick certification
  • Medical certificates for sports events and VISA applications
  • Blood tests
  • Referrals to imaging e.g. ultrasound scans and X-Rays
  • Referrals to specialists

Consultation what to expect

At Medical Prime we are passionate about quality, safety and wellbeing. We believe in a holistic approach to health and in working with you when managing your health-related needs, concerns or queries. 

Our standard consultation is 20 minutes, which is usually long enough for a variety of health issues and you can book an appointment directly with our easy online system or via the telephone. 

There are times where you might need a longer appointment especially if you have multiple health issues or you have more complex health needs. The doctor will discuss this at the consultation or may guide you prior to the appointment if you email us at or call us on 02034883307.


Standard consultation 20 minutes £65 

Extended consultation 40 minutes £120

Extended consultation 60 minutes £170

Blood tests and other investigations are charged extra. The doctor will discuss what is recommended and any associated costs at your appointment.

Feedback from our patients

I feel very fortunate to have found an exceptional private GP Dr Theodora Kalentzi at the Medical Prime Clinic in the heart of the City of London. I have often struggled in the past to have to take 2-3 hours off work in order to see my NHS GP for just a 10-minute appointment. So, having a good private GP within a walking distance from my office in the City, is hugely beneficial. From the first visit, I have felt that Dr Theodora Kalentzi is both a top professional and a very considered and friendly person. She carefully listened to my medical history, asked questions and managed to address my major concerns within two appointments. After a full examination, Dr Kalentzi clearly explained the blood test results and she took in consideration my overall medical history as well as any potential genetic predispositions I may have. I really appreciate such holistic approach and I have even discovered that my Healthy Heart Age is five years younger than my actual age! I am very happy to recommend Dr Kalentzi to anyone who is looking for a good GP and a high quality service in the City of London.

R Gray ( Google review on medical prime)
16 May 2018

This very experienced Dr Theodora is a General Practitioner in the true and ideal way as she can look after all age groups and any problem. I can confirm about her excellent listening skills, her gentle, respectful manner, the thoroughness of a skilled and knowledgeable physician, and an engaging personality. Her generously-timed consultation enabled thoroughness and opportunity to ask and discuss. She assisted immediately with better decision-making for my problem and took the time afterwards to point me towards informational resources to further reduce my suffering. Is it clear that she can give responsible, up-to-date, wise and ethical guidance. I am free to return to her for ongoing care or go to my own GP surgery, and she is happy to write to them if I so wish. I am really happy with my experience with Dr Theodora and now feel confident that I am on the right track. At any time I can choose to go back to her: whether for this or for any other issue.

22 July 2018

I needed a blood test urgently, I found Medical Prime Clinic on Google Maps on a Friday and I was seen on Saturday morning, the next day. I highly recommend their excellent service, fast and efficient. I am very satisfied with the service provided.

Quinta Ana Pérez Sierra
15 September 2018

Call us on 020 3488 3307 or email us at